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Click here to go to the Gospel Meeting Lessons by Evangelist John Morris 2008 Gospel Meeting
South Walton Church of Christ
Meeting Place: 64 Casting Lake Dr., Destin, Florida, 32550; Mailing address: PO Box 1718 Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. 32459 - (850) 622-3817

Gospel Meeting of April 2008 Featuring as guest speaker: Evangelist John Morris

(under the Eldership of the Murray Road Church of Christ in Lee's Summit, Missouri)

Lesson Two: "Interpreting The Scriptures" FREE audio CDs are available upon request.

Part Number Run Time WMV film, Close Captioned for the hearing impaired. Text in PDF format
Part #1 08:26 Click here to view and hear part #1 Well good evening everyone. We began our week meeting which will conclude on Sunday evening yesterday, and in that meeting we took a look at the Bible from the viewpoint of one who does not believe that the Bible is the word of God.......... (Coming Soon)
Part #2 07:35 Click here to view and hear part #2 Thirdly, there must a level of knowledge on our part. This is the Catch 22 When I come to the Bible............... (Coming Soon)
Part #3 09:29 Click here to view and hear part #3 So many things that you and I have come to take for granted and we just ASSUME but these are rules that have to apply and for the remaining time tonight, Id like to focus on three in particular. ......... (Coming Soon)
Part #4 07:20 Click here to view and hear part #4 Maybe youve had that as a parent, you tell your child to do a thing and then they do a little bit extra or do something altogether different.......... (Coming Soon)
Part #5 09:07 Click here to view and hear part #5 I can understand why brethren say that but I wonder if they know where they are going? How many of you have heard the name; Carl Ketcherside?............... (Coming Soon)
Part #6 07:40 Click here to view and hear part #6 Were just about out of time. Id like to drop one more EXAMPLE on you. And its related to that appointing of Elders I mentioned earlier............ (Coming Soon)
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