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Click here to go to the Gospel Meeting Lessons by Evangelist John Morris 2008 Gospel Meeting
South Walton Church of Christ
Meeting Place: 64 Casting Lake Dr., Destin, Florida, 32550; Mailing address: PO Box 1718 Santa Rosa Beach, Fl. 32459 - (850) 622-3817

Gospel Meeting of April 2008 Featuring as guest speaker: Evangelist John Morris

(under the Eldership of the Murray Road Church of Christ in Lee's Summit, Missouri)

Lesson Three: "In His Law He Meditates" FREE audio CDs are available upon request.

Part Number Run Time WMV film, Close Captioned for the hearing impaired. Text in PDF format
Part #1 08:50 Click here to view and hear part #1 Alright. Tonight I we’re going to talk about meditating. In Psalm 1 chapter 1 remember what the Psalmist says with me; “Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of… (Whom?)… the ungodly.......... (Coming Soon)
Part #2 08:35 Click here to view and hear part #2 Psalm 119:161, the Psalmist could say; “I stand in awe of your Word.” Do we stand in awe of the Word of God? Or is it just that thing that sits on the shelf............... (Coming Soon)
Part #3 07:24 Click here to view and hear part #3 Thinking in terms of the Word of God being a LIGHT; to enter into the Holy Place, the room that came before he Most Holy Place, what did you have to be?......... (Coming Soon)
Part #4 09:19 Click here to view and hear part #4 And the best example of it is in Psalm 119. If you would turn there with me., because this is why it seems possibly significant to me.......... (Coming Soon)
Part #5 08:44 Click here to view and hear part #5 Seven times in Psalm 119, we are told to MEDITATE; verse 15, verse 23, verse 48, 78, 95, 97, 148, in 148 the Psalmist says; “My eyes are awake through the night watches that I may MEDITATE on your Word.”............... (Coming Soon)
Part #6 04:40 Click here to view and hear part #6 The scriptures speak of those who are ever learning and never coming to; a knowledge of the truth. I think a great many brethren are ever knowing but never understanding............ (Coming Soon)
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