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About South Walton Church Of Christ

We believe that the Holy Spirit guided the men who wrote the Bible (John 16:13). We also believe that there is great benefit from the reading and understanding of these scriptures (II Timothy 3:16,17). These blessings are numerous, including eternal life as a reward for following the Word (John 17:2,3). Jesus started “His” church on the day of Pentecost in 30AD. The church He spoke of and died for He described as something “spiritual.” He used the words “Kingdom of God” interchangeably with “Church.” Jesus said you cannot see the Kingdom of God, and you cannot say, “Here it is, or there it is, for the Kingdom of God is within you.” 

As persecution arose against the church at Jerusalem, Christians went everywhere and were multiplied by the preaching of the word (Acts 4:4, 8:1). Churches began to arise all over the world. They all had one doctrine – that of Jesus’, the doctrine He gave to the Apostles after receiving it from the Father (John 16:5-15, Ephesians 4:3-6). 

All of these churches were not linked together with any earthly head. Jesus said He was the Head of His Church. The early churches did not have “reverends” or “priests” as in the Old Testament Covenant. The early churches were not named after denominations that men have created. They did not worship in man’s traditions, making worship vain (Matthew 15:8-9). Jesus and the Apostles did not teach pre-millennialism doctrine so we do not.

We believe that Jesus’ dying on the cross was intentional and that He came for the purpose of setting up the church (Matthew 16:18). It was not an afterthought (Ephesians 1:3-5). We believe God intended for His Word to be spread around the world and be passed from generation to generation without being changed. We believe that He set up a simple pattern for believers to follow and that this pattern can be easily found and followed. It just requires the desire to leave out man’s additions and follow only His inspired Word. 

We endeavor to be Christians and wear only that name, for it glorifies Him and not another, hence you will find that we are the New Testament Church the Bible speaks of. We are not part of a denomination and are not inter-denominational, but rather a non-denominational church, and part of the eternal body of Christ.

 If you are interested in studying the Bible, let us know. We offer Bible correspondence courses and home Bible studies. We also study the Bible on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings for the purpose of learning more about His will and becoming more like Him.

South Walton Church Of Christ